Welcome to our kennel where our specialty is producing show quality Pyrenean Mastiffs
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AltoAragon Cimabue
Dob 01/23/13.  
Photo taken April 2016
OFA: Hips Good/Normal
FCI equivalent A
Elbows: normal
FCI equivalent 0    


Jillian Diamante De Gaspalleira
No longer in the breeding program
Our Pyrenean Mastiffs
Our stock are imported from Spain and Italy
Murtoi's Zsa Zsa Zafiro
Dob 08/25/13
Photo taken April 2016
Hips: Normal/Fair
Elbows: Normal


Puppy Application
Please p​​rint and complete the application and scan and return using the below email at the bottom of this page, or mail to the address provided, also at the bottom of this page.
Pyrenean Mastiffs de Monte Sano sells 3 levels of puppy:

  1. First Pick Show/Breeding Quality - This reserves the first pick male or female as requested.  There must be more than one male and/or female for this to apply.
  2. Show/Breeding Quality - If there are one or more male and/or female puppies that display qualities that indicate it will more than likely grow to be a show/breeding quality dog.
  3. Livestock/Estate Guardian Quality - These are puppies that are still wonderfully healthy babies, but they do not display the qualities that indicate it has the potential to be a successful show/breeding dog.

        When purchasing a First Pick or Breeding/Show Quality puppy you are selecting the best puppy(ies) in the litter.  The one(s) that show the most potential to become a top show winner and breeding producer.  The operative word is "potential".  There are no guarantees that the puppy selected will be that dog or bitch, or that it will always out perform a sibling at a dog show.  Puppies change as they grow.  You always hope for the best, but there are occasions where a once high quality puppy ends up with a few faults, a major fault such as their spots fade to completely white, or an unforeseen health issue.  There have been occasions where a lesser puppy in a litter grows to be a fantastic show dog.  This is just how it is.  There are never any rock solid guarantees when working with a living animal.  That said, most experienced breeders do pick the best the vast majority of the time.  Your best chance for a high quality puppy that grows into a high quality dog or bitch is to do your homework, study the pedigrees, and deal with a reputable breeder that has quality proven dogs and bitches.

Pyrenean Mastiffs de Monte Sano Litter Registrations

Show/Breeding Quality Puppies:
  • FCI approved Registration with the Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico (FCPR)
  • United Kennel Club (UKC)
  • American Kennel Club's Foundation Stock Service (AKC's FSS)

Livestock/Estate Guardian Quality Puppies:
  • FCI approved Registration with the Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico (FCPR) only

Puppy Naming Convention

Pyrenean Mastiffs de Monte Sano follows the naming conventions used in Europe to include the breed's country of origin, Spain.  The first litter is the "A" litter and all puppies are registered with a name that begins with the letter A and includeds the kennel name "de Monte Sano". You can see that in the next section which shows the A litter.   The next litter will be the "B" litter and all names will begin with the letter B.  This continues through the alphabet with each litter and then returns to "A" after litter "Z".  I have a list of names that will be used for each litter.  If you purchase a puppy, you will either be able to select a name from that list for your puppy, or pick your own name that follows the naming convention.  Like all show dogs, this is their registered name and does not need to be the name you call them.  Most have a call name for their dog which is the name the dog knows and is used daily, and often times has nothing to do with the registered name.

A Litter whelped May 10, 2016

  1. Aster Zafiro de Monte Sano
    Aster Zafiro de Monte Sano

B Litter whelped June 22, 2017

  1. Belia Nova de Monte Sano
    Belia Nova de Monte Sano
  2. Beatrice de Monte Sano
    Beatrice de Monte Sano
  3. Brixton de Monte Sano
    Brixton de Monte Sano
  4. Buzz de Monte Sano
    Buzz de Monte Sano
  5. Borvo de Monte Sano
    Borvo de Monte Sano
  6. Beowulf de Monte Sano
    Beowulf de Monte Sano
  7. Baelfire de Monte Sano
    Baelfire de Monte Sano
  8. Beren de Monte Sano
    Beren de Monte Sano
Litter C whelped December 27, 2017
  1. Caterina de Monte Sano
    Caterina de Monte Sano
  2. Connemara de Monte Sano
    Connemara de Monte Sano